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New Direction is in the process of undergoing changes, and we apologize for lack of postings as of late.  The umbrella of HealthRD is RD Concepts.  Due to time constraints, the partner, whose main focus is overseeing this blog, left the company over the past couple of months.  Great talent and very knowledgeable, but being in a small startup company will be demanding on time.

What RD Concepts has decided is to split the administration of this blog between multiple people.  All come from various areas of healthcare including emergency, health clinics, academia, etc……

Our goal at RD Concepts is always to bring quality and be of service to others.  We are hoping to bring variety and timely postings for your consumption.

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Tell Me Again Why You Are Better Than Me??????????

I think it is obvious that I am in healthcare.  I, also, watch news often and news IS politics. In dealing with others in my everyday life and observing the actions of others, I feel compelled to write a brief and blunt post as I witness some who are intoxicated with themselves. My intent is not to offend, but maybe educate or remind.  So here it is………………………………………………………………………………………

Yes we are DIFFERENT, but unique in our own individual way.  We each have our own individual talents and skills even though some have expounded on theirs more than others and possibly, some haven’t even realized their’s yet.  Every single person IS special in their own way.  So tell me again why you (THINK) that you are better than me?  Is it because of your level of education, or maybe your title or the amount of money that you earn?  Maybe it is your credentials, last name or line of lineage?  Maybe you live in a bigger house or drive a luxury auto or have some extra toys?  Maybe it’s your job, your parent’s or child’s accomplishments or that of your own?  Maybe it’s your looks or body size, the designer clothes that you wear or designer purse/personal effects that you possess?  Or maybe, it’s just your lofty, egotistical opinion of yourself, because……..SHOCKER……..NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER.  We were ALL the same, just placed in different circumstances.  So the next time that you want to be rude, condescending or arrogant towards another, just remember, YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN THAT PERSON.  You are just delusional and think that you are!!!  My advice…….if you seem to have been blessed with extra from God, use it to help others.  Then you truly WILL be special!!!!