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Amazing Woman

My mother never ceases to amaze me! I work alot of hours and sometimes very challenging hours, so when I have my first day off after working a stretch, I am pretty catatonic and not the best company or conversationalist. Today was one of those first days off.
(A little background…..I talk to my mother often, usually every other day if not daily and one day I even bugged her three different times. But she never complains and there is ALWAYS a cheery voice on the other end of the phone when I call).
Today, choosing seclusion, I didn’t call my mom. My oldest daughter even stopped by to pick up her boy’s bikes and I was pretty labile. I’m sure she forgot it was the first off day. LOL!
Anyway, this afternoon my mom called me. I saw her number pop up on my cell and smiled and thought to myself, I’m glad she is calling. I answered and cheerily she responded and said, “You don’t sound very chipper today?” I responded, “No, it’s my first day off and you now how that is.” She kindly replied and silently giving me the reassurance that it was okay that I was grumpy and without speaking it, letting me know that she wouldn’t take it personally. Wanting not to focus on my sour mood, I asked her what she was doing as I could tell that she was driving. She responded that she was on her way home from a church friend’s home. Mom was called by the couple to aid in their plight the evening before. The couple has had more then their share of bad luck lately. The man had to have open heart bypass surgery three weeks ago and while he was recuperating in the hospital, his wife developed a bowel obstruction that required emergency surgery. Well, still not being able to drive, last night mom was called and asked if she could take the woman to the hospital as she had developed an infection of her incision. Mom came to their aid and took them to the hospital. Now, I’m sure everyone is aware how health care is now days and a person doesn’t get admitted into the hospital for a wound infection unless it is life threatening. Adding to the couple’s troubles, they are between physicians so could not get home health care (i.e. a visiting nurse to come in and provide wound care and monitor progress). Again, in a dilemma and no where to turn, mom volunteered to pack and dress the wound daily.
My mother is truly amazing!!! Let me add that my family is SO blessed! We had a health scare this past week with mom that mercifully turned out all clear. Mother’s inspirational words to me have been, “God decided not to give me cancer, so he must have more for me to do and that’s what I intend to do.” Such comforting and peaceful words from a truly amazing, giving lady and ending my self focused grumpy day. And I’m SO proud of her as a nurse! Blessings come at a time least expected and in simple ways sometimes. Thanks, mom!!! Blessings to you and your family until next time……….:)