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RD Concepts is a company focused on taking concepts and creating affordable software applications for people to improve their lives. The two partners are a brother (a programmer) and a sister (a nurse practitioner and legal nurse consultant) who grew up on a small farm. The focus is helping others making their lives better.

Helping Others to Live Healthier Lives

In December 2010, I fulfilled one of my life’s goals and achieved a certification as a nurse practitioner after many years of practicing as a registered nurse. I thought that this was going to be the dream career that I was looking for. Little did I know that the advanced education and certification only better prepared me for actually working towards an advanced nursing career and my true dream. Now, one and one-half years later, I’m eager to get started utilizing my knowledge and fulfill my dream of: Helping Others to Live Healthier Lives! This website will be the pathway through which I hope to offer solid, evidenced based information to individuals in order for them to make lifestyle changes, become better educated and live a happy, healthy life. I live my life with faith that anything IS possible! So……let the journey begin!!! Blessings until next time:)