I LOVE MY TOBACCO (correction & update)

I need to make a correction to my recent post in regards to the state of Illinois law that I noted in my last blog. The state of Illinois did NOT pass a law, but rather a ban on smoking in a vehicle with a child under the age of eight. Why they can’t just pass a law making it illegal to smoke in a vehicle with an individual under the age of 18 like other states have done is perplexing to me.

During lunch the other day, my nurse practitioner friend, physician friend and I were discussing cigarette smoking and the health effects of such. My nurse practitioner friend recently visited her native home of Italy where she accompanied her father-in-law to his physician appointment. She questioned the physician if Italy had a lot of lung cancer patients as so many Europeans smoke cigarettes. The physician replied, “No,” due to the fact that they produce tobacco differently then America does. America has much more lung cancer cases than Italy. Hmmmmmmm…….what does that mean?????? Oh, yes……..we fertilize our tobacco crops with radioactive chemicals and tobacco plants absorb radioactive chemicals from dust particles in the air. Many Europeans roll and sometimes grow their own cigarettes according to my friend. There are, also, more fresh and naturally grown produce in Italy. An eggplant, cucumber, and other vegetables and fruits are actually the size that they are suppose to be. More to come………blessings…….


2 thoughts on “I LOVE MY TOBACCO (correction & update)”

    1. That I do not know. There is a new article that was given to me by the hepatologist that I work with titled, Buy Fresh Buy GMO, by MIT Technology Review. I haven’t had the time to read the article yet, but the title is enough to frighten me. I try to educate my patients in my clinics every day on lifestyle modifications, but the interest isn’t always there. It is too easy and less costly to eat unhealthy. Sad dilemma.

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