Let the Journey Begin Progress

Well…..I feel that I have failed miserably! NOT in the fact that I haven’t made great strides in my dietary changes and overall health status, but that I have not kept my posts up. I failed to even post in January. Why or why do I have to have a full-time job? But that’s another topic for another day as the latest national dependency level is up around 51% I believe. But, please don’t quote me on that figure.

So, this post will be brief as I have not had time to complete the research that I wanted to. My topic is in regards to soda. Here are the facts and progress. As I stated in my last post, I am a sugar junky. So that burst of Mt. Dew every morning not only provided me with a caffeine fix, but a bolus of sugar, as well. Even though I only drank approximately 12-ounces of Mt. Dew every morning, it was way more than enough to cause health issues; unforeseen health issues. I often tell my patients, you don’t smoke your first cigarette and immediately get cancer (not only lung), but it takes repeated cellular insult to injury and that repeated pounding away at healthy cells until they finally give up and can’t repair themselves any longer. That’s when the erratic cell growth takes over called cancer. So, those of us who have “bad” dietary behaviors and habits, are constantly pounding away at our once healthy vibrant cells until they finally give out exhausted. Oh, then I’m sick and wonder why. But usually I have experienced bothersome symptoms first and for a while, but I ignore them. Now not all diseases fit this mold, but let’s face it, we are what we eat, our environmental exposure, and genetics.

So, on Lent, I gave up the Mt. Dew (I needed a motivation day). It was tough for a few days to a week. I had weaned myself down enough hoping I wouldn’t get the dreaded caffeine headache, which I didn’t. I needed a new crutch now. I had some Lipton Raspberry White Tea which is loaded with antioxidants and is sweet. It worked well. I was gradually feeling GOOD! My brain was clearing of it’s progressively fogging that was beginning to concern me and my mood overall improved. I didn’t feel the daily fatigue that I had been experiencing for quite sometime. I eventually ran out of the white tea, which is not available in my area and cannot be purchased online. So, I started drinking Arizona Green Tea with honey and ginseng. After 10 days, I truly feel great! Getting off of the soda has cleared my brain, provided me with mental mood stability, and I feel healthy, the first time in along time. Yes, I’ve had cravings, but I am past giving into those cravings now. I knew that I was destroying my health by my choice and addiction in consuming soda on a daily basis and for the past 20+ years.

I will be addressing diet soda soon. There are SO many ill effects from drinking diet drinks. Excessive use can cause extreme health consequences. I had a patient in clinic the other day who previously drank one case of diet soda a day. She is currently down to one 6-pack daily. She is morbidly obese, has bilateral breast cancer, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, hypertension, and more. It is a vicious cycle when you start abusing your body and feeding it processed foods and unhealthy foods and fluids. I had another patient with the same pattern, however, he doesn’t have the same health issues, but did have prostate cancer. He consumed a case of diet soda a day, as well. He purchased so much of the wicked drink that he actually was given a free soda machine for his garage. WOW! Now that’s a gift to be proud of. Why doesn’t that work for other items such as gas, etc? Anyway, more to come on the diet soda issue when I get my data together.

So, please, if you consume soda, diet or regular, STOP!!! You will feel SO much better. I take a Protandim supplement and Vitamin B12 supplement daily, eat an apple, drink 6 glasses of filtered water, and eat healthy for the most part, and I TRULY FEEL GREAT!!! I’m still working on my diet, but I am getting there.

Best of luck and may God bestow His blessings upon you……………………………………………………………


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