Let the Journey Begin!

My youngest son and I occasionally get enthralled in discussions in regards to God’s divine provision of healing plants. That comment is intriguing in itself. Anyway, our battering back-and-forth entails a discussion usually originating with natural health, (as I hope he takes after his mother, which I see the low flame igniting), and progresses to the long-standing debate on medicinal marijuana, then lopping out our personal opinions into the ring in regards to all of the natural remedies found in nature, and ending with me feeling proud that he holds a belief to some degree in healing with what God has provided for us naturally, but a little reserve that I have to keep a neutralizing, mild grip on his path. He has his ideas and perspectives in balance, I must admit, though. He does not believe in illicit, harmful drug use, but is there a role for medicinal marijuana for end-stage, suffering cancer patients? Most definitely. Now that can be a debate provoker with people by itself. My point is, though, God did provide many natural remedies and natural food to make and keep people healthy. So why so much disease? For goodness sakes, haven’t we poured billions of dollars into research to find out? Maybe, just maybe, it’s right under the tip of our noses, if we look down. IT COULD JUST BE WHAT WE EAT & DRINK!!!

I would like to share a few interesting and controversial items of information. Back in the late 1800s, Coca Cola was formulated and contained the coca leaf (that contains cocaine). In 1903, under much scrutiny, instead of using the fresh coca leaf, the formula was changed to contain the remains of the coca leaf after the cocaine was removed. Before this time, when cocaine was believed to be the root of crime, you could purchase cocaine over-the-counter, much like you can purchase Tylenol today. It was called “snow,” which brings to my mind pretty, light, fluffy, and fun. Right! Yes, this is one of God’s natural provisions, but causes many harmful health effects. I have to use this one my son next time. LOL!

And really? Is there prune juice in Dr. Pepper? Well, we may never really know if we continue to ask the manufacturers and formula owners of Dr. Pepper. But a few of my patients believe it prevents their constipation.

Artificial sweeteners; now there’s a HOT topic. This will be a discussion for later as it is lengthy and there are several. Just be aware that sorbitol, and some other sweeteners, cause gastrointestinal problems if enough quantity is consumed. Such symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, cramping, gas, and diarrhea to name a few. Ick! But it’s good for us, correct? Much better than the evil sugar!!!

My husband, who is a diabetic, and I often verbally batter when he says, “I can’t have sugar,” when I am offering him some fruit. I reply, “But you would rather kill yourself with artificial sweeteners,” and so on goes the battle. Now, I do not believe that he should consume large quantities of sugars, but an apple is better than the artificial junk any day!

So, all this is leading into my revealing my beginning of my challenge (or maybe more appropriately stated, my battle). I am compassionate about natural health and disease prevention. I preach and teach to an audience (mostly 1 on 1) most days of my life and have for years. My knowledge is lacking to where I would like it to be, but I am learning. My challenge is this. I have drunk a certain soft drink for years. Gone off of it at times, especially during acute illnesses, which hasn’t been often. But after re-aquiring a taste for the nasty stuff, I get right back on the wagon. It is one of the highest caffeine laden and sugar laden drinks there is on the soft drink market. And the carbonation, well that is powerful acid reflux or heartburn and indigestion causing medicine. Yes, I drink Mt. Dew! But, my excuses to self are, I don’t smoke, rarely consume alcohol, and eat rather healthy, or so I thought. I am realizing that I am a sugar addict and am fortunate that I do not have diabetes mellitus or cancer at present (at least that I am aware of). So with my recent wake up call from God, as He usually doesn’t let me stray too far unless I am adamant about ignoring Him, I am in the self-realization phase. I am disappointed in what I have done to myself. I only consume about 8 – 12-ounces of the wicked drink a day, but that is enough to cause the horrible withdraw headache and sugar cravings that I suffered two days ago when I went cold turkey. My other son, the eldest one, said to me in the same voice that I often communicate to him with on health issues, “You can’t go cold turkey. You have to wean yourself off the stuff. It’s just like alcohol. It’s bad.” Really? I know this (thanks for the reality check, though)! But I wasn’t drinking that much! Enough to make me suffer withdrawals and enough to cause me health issues and maybe even serious disease. So, my confession is that I am a sugar and caffeine addict, and have caused myself health issues due to my choices and poor habits. Sugar causes inflammation in our body. It leads to harmful effects and even cancer. I do not want to leave this world before my destined time that God has prepared for me, so my dietary habits and health choices need to improve!

I am currently reading a book that my oh so wise, brother, gave to me called, Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, by Dirk Benedict. Who? You know, the guy who was face on the A-team. Intriguing book right out of the gate. I have so much to share with those who truly want to be healthy. I often say that I could be sued easily by some of the big fast food corporations if they heard me speak their name in the same sentence as diarrhea or the soft, little spongy cake and fatty liver disease. And here’s some irony……”Buy a 5-Hour Energy Drink and Help Fight Breast Cancer Today!” You know, the cute little pink bottle of 5-Hour Energy that is raising money to fight breast cancer?!!! I REFUSE to buy the drink (wouldn’t anyway) to support breast cancer when excessive intake of caffeine has AN ILL EFFECT ON BREAST TISSUE!!! WOW, is my response! But, it’s all about the money, to line some pockets at whatever the cost and possibly causing harm to those unknowing.

It is a choice to be healthy and a choice to harm one’s body. We still have genetics, environmental exposure to harmful toxins, unknowing exposures in food and drink, etc. that can cause us health problems that we often have no control over. My thought is, let’s make healthy choices and try to stay ahead in the journey of life. So, as I take on my personal battle of sugar and caffeine addiction, learn to prepare healthy foods for my family, and lecture them on their unhealthy dietary intake (oh, you know it’s coming my beloved family), I hope you will journey along with me, and if I can help you feel better and live healthier, God has truly blessed me! Blessings as always until next time……………………………………………….