Dream To Achieve

A couple of years ago, my brother, Rod, told me about a book that he had read that intrigued me and a story that I have held close in my heart and my being ever since. This was at the same time that we first began dreaming about becoming independent in business. Rod is a dedicated reader and finds the most fascinating and beneficial books, articles, etc. to read that broaden his personal and professional knowledge base. The story goes something like this……
There was a man who committed crime and thus was imprisoned for such offenses. During his incarceration, he began to dream about a better life. A life of achievement and living comfortably. Of making his mark in life. He very well knew what it was like to have all of life’s privileges and freedoms striped from him. One of his dreams was building a home on a beautiful high plateau that overlooked a city on one side and a dessert on the other. He drew what he envisioned his home to look like and everyday he looked at his dream on paper and envisioned the dream becoming reality. As time passed, he once again earned the freedom to live as others and was released from prison. Several years passed for the man, but through dedication, honest hard work, believing and having faith, he no longer had to envision his dream of the beautiful home on the plateau; he had it. He carried the picture with him everyday of his uphill battle and pulled it out of his pocket, closed his eyes and envisioned his dream coming true when life’s challenges and battles become so difficult that it would have been easier to have given up and gone back to a life of crime. He NEVER stopped believing and pushing forward and his efforts and faith paid off. He achieved his dream!
Never give up, never lose faith and most of all……NEVER STOP DREAMING!!! Without dreams and hopes and the belief and faith that one CAN achieve, I believe there is only emptiness in life. So draw a picture or write a story of your dream. Carry it with you everyday and when life is firing torpedoes your way, pull it out, close your eyes and envision your life with your dream a reality. I know Rod and I have many times! Blessings until next time…….


One thought on “Dream To Achieve”

  1. AMEN! What would life be life if we could not dream and hope for a better future. With faith and belief we can eventually climb our own personal mountains. Keep up the good work. Love to you both. Love – MOM

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